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Bird Facts

Nanday Conure

Scientific Name
Nandayus nenday also Aratinga nenday

12 inches (30cm)

Nandays are sexually dimorphic and so a scientific method will have to be used to sex them. If you want to take a guess males tend to be more vocal.

Nandays need a parrot seed seed and a cuttle bone. They also enjoy millet sprays, vegtables, and fruit. They are very good to try what ever you are eating. If the food is heathy for a person, it healthy for a nanday. -Never give any bird an avacado-

Nest Box Specs
About 12 in. by 12 in by 18 in. nestbox with about 3 in. hole.

Incubation lasts about 26 days.

Birds fledge after about 56 days.

Psittacular notes
Nandays are very beautiful and intelligent. A hand fed bird makes an excellant pet, if you can take the noise. Nandays are very loud, but if they are played with every day they do not squawk so much. Nandays are inquisitive and easily trained, they have even been used at Seaworld. Many try to talk and learn many words. They do not speak clearly though and so this fact is not widely known. It's sort of like baby talk, the mother knows what the child is saying, but no one else does.

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