Myrtle a.k.a Loud Mouth
    To start of with I'd like to say that I hope you like my web site and will visit often. I have thirteen bird as of right now: 11 cockatiels, a nanday conure, and a moustache parakeet. I am going to tell a little about all of them.
    I'll start with the cockatiels. I have 3 pairs, one pair with a grey whiteface male and a pearl whiteface female, a cinnamon pied/pearl pair, and a pair with a lutino male and a cinnamon, pearl female. I am working setting up a pair will produce albino cockatiels and another whiteface pair. I have four babies for sale right now, one grey, one lutino, and two pearls, one of which is cinnamon. The pearls are seven months old and the other are four months old. They are all hand fed and very sweet. I had a great time hand feeding them and know they will make excellent pets or breeders or both.
    I also have a nanday conure, which of course is very loud, but we love him any ways. Myrtle, the nanday, is very smart and inquisitive. He was our first bird. We've had Myrtle for about 3 years. He can't talk very we but tries real hard. Myrtle is almost always very sweet with his favorite person.
    George, the moustache parakeet, is quite a character. He is the talk of the household. For example when the telephone rings he says hello and in all I say he know about 35 words. George loves to fly and tries to fly around the house every night. Unless my door is shut he does just that. When he was a baby he waddled down the hall way to the cockatiels (which is a long way) and ate some of their food. I never have figured out how he got out of his cage in the first place. I hope to get a mate for him some day. He is very pretty bird and a great pet. He loves everybody, even visitors.
    I hope liked hearing about my birds and thanks too.

    Cody at Psittacular

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