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What's your favorite bird?

African Grey
Ring-necked (Psittacula)
Parakeet (Budgie)

Current Results

Lovebirds. -Marion Metzinger

My favorites are the senegal and the african grey.-Anonymous

I have no favorite bird, they all are special in their own way.-Zoe'

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Really I'd have a hard time choosing my favorite bird. Each species has it's merits. I like the lovebirds for their spunkiness, the cockatiels for their easy-going natures, the Poicephalus for their quiet charm, the greys for the sweetness and talking ability, and my Goffin's cockatoo is a riot. The conures are some of my favorites; their cuddly, playful personalities are hard to beat. But truthfully, I'd have a hard time thinking of a bird that wasn't, at one time or other, a definate favorite of mine.

But, the undying number one favorite of mine is the Quaker. The talking ability is a plus, but personally it's their personalities that I like the best. They're just have so MUCH personality in that little green body. Sometimes that much personality can get them into trouble, but for the most part Quakers are definately my favorite friends.-Lara

It's a different bird every day depending on who's behaving and who's cranky. -Liz

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